How to register on MessageXchange for a Webform/FormXchange account?
Open the Web browser and go to Click on Register. Fill in the required details on the registration page and click Next....
Getting started with FormXchange
Register on MessageXchange for a FormXchange account. Log on to MessageXchange/FormXchange and choose the FormXchange project. View your purchase order. ...
How do I get a GLN (Global location number)?
The Global Location Number (GLN) is part of the GS1 systems of standards. It is a simple tool used to identify a location and can identify locations uniquel...
How to get a GS1 Company prefix?
GS1 Company Prefix Company prefixes are based on the GS1 prefixes below. Note that since GS1 member companies can manufacture products anywhere in the wor...
Retailer messages and contacts
The following table shows the messages used by each retailer and their contact details. Retail Messages Contact Supplier portal Purchase order Inv...
Change/Update your profile details (Name, number, email)
In the Home page, click the ‘Profile’ option on left hand side and you will be able to see all your details. Edit the relevant details and then Save.
How do I log on to FormXchange?
See: How do I log on?
I've forgotten my password for FormXchange. How can I reset it?
See: I've forgotten my password.
How can I change my password for FormXchange?
See: How can I change my password?
How can I correct a previously sent message?
If you need to make a change to a previously submitted message, you may be required to discard the existing message and send a new version to the retailer. ...