If you need to make a change to a previously submitted message, you may be required to discard the existing message and send a new version to the retailer. For example many retailers require you to send a new ASN if you make any changes to the dispatched quantity, as the physical goods received must match the quantities on the ASN.

You may need to discard more than one message. For example if you have sent an invoice and ASN against a shipment, and you wish to re-create the ASN, you’ll need to discard both the invoice and the ASN. Then you can go ahead and create the ASN and the invoice.

Contact your retailer: Discarding a message in FormXchange does not discard it at your retailer. You must first contact your retailer to see if they can discard it and give you permission to send an updated version. Only perform the steps below, once you have received confirmation from your retailer.


  1. View the previously sent message
  2. After receiving confirmation from your retailer that your message has been discarded, click on the (D) Discard button. Note that discarding the message does not remove it from your Out Tray.
  3. Search for your purchase order and create the message again.