Accreditation testing

Before you can move to B2B Scan receiving and electronic invoicing you must pass a comprehensive program known as 'Coles accreditation testing'.

You can find our more information about this program from the Coles eCommerce implementation team (eCIT) at, or on the Coles Supplier Portal.

Colladium certifications

This is the Colladium tool Coles uses to manage your accreditation.

If you or your colleague already has a Colladium account with access to Coles forms, provide that email address to Coles.

Once ready, you will receive an invitation from Colladium asking you to join the Coles community and take the certification. From the email, click the View invitation button to start the certification. You will find the certification under the Certifications menu.

There are a number of tasks which will be performed by the Coles eCIT team, the Colladium team and you.

Step 1: Allow the Colladium support team to impersonate you (so they can undertake some of the tasks on your behalf).

Go to  and grant access for 14 days.

Step 2: Complete the first three tasks under the Registration stage.


Supplier details

This is information that Coles needs to know in order to send you B2B messages.

  • You can use the GLN under the EDI address and EDI address (test)

Certification profile

The information you provide here will help determine the tasks you will need to undertake.

  • You won't need to fill out the Notifications CC email unless you want a colleague to also receive notifications.
  • The Despatch Manager's email address will be used to receive ADMs (ASN discrepancy memos).

Enter sample products

  • We've defaulted some sample products for you. These sample products are only used during this certification. We recommend you update them to your product codes and descriptions. If you don't supply five products to Coles, you can use some of the sample products provided. There is no need to use real prices, so you can leave the pricing as is. 

Step 3: Let our support team know that they need to complete their certification tasks by emailing them at 

Step 4: The Colladium support team in conjunction with the Coles eCIT team will undertake the tasks under the Purchasing, Despatch and Invoicing stages. Once completed they will let you know.

Step 5: You should then complete the Trading partner management tasks. 

Step 6: Once the certification tasks are completed, our support team will let you and Coles know. They will share the SSCC labels in an email, which you can download the SSCC labels and save as PDF.

Step 7: Coles will validate the SSCC labels and perform setups on their side. Coles may ask you to print the labels and send by mail to be verified. 

Step 8: Once completed, Coles will send you a test purchase order on FormXchange and test scenarios. Please follow the steps in the test scenarios.

Step 9: When all test scenarios are completed, Coles will complete setup in their production systems and provide you with a go-live date.

At any time, you can log on to Colladium and view the certification to see the current status.