The MYOB AccountRight Live integration with MessageXchange (FormXchange) removes the need for double handling invoices.

  1. A retailer sends you an order, which arrives in FormXchange and is sent to your MYOB AccountRight Live account. Your stock levels will be reduced by the order quantity for each item.
  2. You process the order as usual on FormXchange (eg. Turn around the order to an advanced shipping notice and/or invoice).
  3. When you issue the invoice on FormXchange, the invoice will be sent to your MYOB AccountRight Live account.

Things to keep in mind

  1. Orders and invoices will be sent to MYOB if:
    • You have matched your MYOB contact with your FormXchange retailer
    • You have added your products to the FormXchange product catalogue that have:
      • MYOB item number (in the item code field) and
      • The identifier that your retailer uses (eg. GTIN, buyer item code)

Click here to find out how to setup the integration.