Connect to MYOB AccountRight Live

Before you start, you'll need to make sure:

  1. The company file you want to use is an online file (find out how to do that here) and
  2. You have linked your User ID to your my.MYOB account:

Now you can setup your integration:

  1. Navigate to the software integration page by choosing your service and registering or confirming your registration for FormXchange
    • For new users, click register to get there
    • For existing users, click home in the top menu, then billing plans on the left
  2. Click the button to connect to MYOB
  3. You'll be re-directed to MYOB, where you'll need to sign in, if you haven't already
  4. You'll be re-directed back to MessageXchange. Select the company file you want to use

Match your contacts to your FormXchange retailers

This will allow us to create the invoice in MYOB for the correct contact. Only the invoices for the FormXchange retailers matched in this step will be sent to MYOB.

  1. Use the search field in the top right of the table to find your MYOB contact
  2. Select the corresponding retailer in the retailer column
    • If you have setup each store as a customer in Xero, then select the store in the right hand column. If you can't find the store in the list, just type in the store's GLN.
  3. Tick the checkbox to acknowledge the subscription term and click next

Add your MYOB item numbers to the FormXchange product catalogue

This will allow us to match the line item to the correct product in MYOB. If a product isn't matched, the invoice won't be sent to MYOB.

  1. Navigate to your product catalogue by clicking product in the top menu and then product catalogue in the left menu
  2. Follow the steps in this article to add your products
  3. For each product that you add, include the MYOB product number as the item code

Keen to know how the integration works? Click here to find out.