Some retailers for example Coles and Metcash require you to send an advanced ship note (ASN) and use SSCC labels.

For non-cross doc, Woolworths do not require an ASN, but you must create and click Send Advanced Ship Note, in order to print SSCC labels and a non-costed delivery docket (although you clicked to send the ASN, Woolworths won’t actually receive it).

You’ll need to create an ASN for each shipment. If your retailer accepts invoices, you’ll also need to create a separate invoice for each ASN.


  1. View the purchase order.
  2. Click on the Turn Around button.
  3. You will see a list of document types which you are allowed to create. Click Create next to Advanced Shipping Notice / Despatch Notice.
  4. You will be presented with the advanced ship note, with some information pre-populated from the purchase order.
  5. Enter the (A) Shipment Information. Some information might default and you can change this if you wish. At a minimum you must enter details which have an * beside them.
  6. Enter the (B) Packaging Information and SSCC lines.
  7. If you want to print SSCC Labels, choose the appropriate paper size (A4, A5, or A6) and click (E) Print Labels (see How can I print the SSCC labels?).
  8. Optionally, click (F) Print Pick List to print a pick list (see How can I print the Pick List?).
  9. Click (G) Send Advanced Ship Note to send the ASN.