While creating the ASN

  1. Choose the appropriate Pack Type.
  2. If you received store quantities on the purchase order, choose the Store for which you wish to pack.
  3. Choose the Item you wish to Pack.
  4. Enter the number of units to be packed in a single package under Qty per Pack Type.
  5. If appropriate, enter the Batch No.
  6. If appropriate, enter either the Best Before, or Expiry Date, by entering a date under Shelf Life and ticking the appropriate Date Type.
  7. If you are creating a new package, click (C) Add to New Pack Type. If you are adding the quantity to the previous package, click (D) Add to Existing Pack Type.
  8. Select the next Item or Store and continue to pack.
  9. Once all Items are packed, the Status shall automatically update to Completed.