E-invoicing is available in MYOB AccountRight Live (browser only) and the New Essentials. We suggest checking with MYOB if you're not sure what product you're using.

  1. Go to https://www.messagexchange.com/authorise/myob-einvoice.aspx
  2. Click connect to MYOB
  3. You'll be redirected to login to MYOB
  4. Back on the MessageXchange site, select the company file you want to use and click save
  5. Enter your account details
    • We'll use your email address as your user login ID, which you can use to access your e-invoicing portal to view your data usage, top up credits and more.
    • We'll also send any notifications to this email address. For example, if an e-invoice can't be sent or you receive an e-invoicing response back from your customer.
    • We'll use your ABN/NZBN as your e-invoicing identifier. And if you tick allow others to send me e-invoices directly to my In Tray, we'll register your ABN/NZBN so that any e-invoices issued to your ABN/NZBN will go directly into your In Tray.
  6. Enter your billing contact's details. We'll use these details on your invoices, and to contact if there are any issues with billing
  7. And finally, review the payment information and terms and conditions, then tick the box to acknowledge them and click register
  8. And you're done!