The Xero integration with MessageXchange (FormXchange) removes the need for double handling invoices.

  1. A retailer sends a purchase order to you, which arrives to FormXchange
  2. You process the order as usual on FormXchange (eg. Turn around the order to an advanced shipping notice and/or invoice)
  3. When you issue the invoice on FormXchange, a the invoice will be sent to your Xero account.

Things to keep in mind

  1. Invoices will be sent to Xero as approved if:
    • You have matched your Xero contact with your FormXchange retailer (otherwise the invoice won't appear in Xero)
    • You have added your products to the FormXchange product catalogue that have (otherwise the invoice will appear as a draft in Xero without an item code):
      • Xero product code (in the item code field) and
      • The identifier that your retailer uses (eg. GTIN, buyer item code)
    • You have included an 'invoice effective date' on your invoice on FormXchange (otherwise the invoice will appear as a draft in Xero).

Click here to find out how to setup the integration.