If you are using a 3PL for Coles follow these instructions.

  1. Log on to MessageXchange/FormXchange, and chose the FormXchange project.
  2. Click on the OUT Tray link in the sidebar menu.
  3. You will see a list of sent documents over the past month.
  4. By filtering, you can change the list of documents in your list.
  5. To view the purchase order response, click on the Re:[purchase order number] under the Reference column.
  6. You can create the pick request, by clicking on (A) Create Pick Request.
  7. Create pick request screen will show with following options where you can create a pick request for an individual 3PL with required pick quantity.  
  8. Edit the pick quantity in (B) Pick Qty column. The Pick Qty field in the create pick request screen is the ordered quantity minus pick quantity of previously sent pick requests. For example: If ordered quantity of an item is 10 and the pick quantity of the first pick request is 2 then the next pick request create screen will show 8.
  9. Select the 3PL name from the drop-down list shown in (C) 3PL Names.
  10. Once you have verified the pick quantity and 3PL name, click on any of the (D) Send Pick Request buttons.
  11. You will see following success message.
  12. Clicking on (E) Return to Document Summary button will take you to the following summary screen with all inbound and outbound messages listed for the past one month.
  13. If you have created multiple pick requests, they will appear under (F) Turn around Document column of the Purchase Order document. The name of the pick requests will be same, starts with a prefix PickReq: followed by the purchase order number.
  14. You can view the pick requests by clicking on the pick request number.
  15. You can resend a pick request by clicking on (G) Resend button.