1. Log on to MessageXchange/FormXchange, and chose the FormXchange project.
  2. Click on the IN Tray link in the sidebar menu.
  3. You will see a list of received documents over the past month.
  4. By filtering, you can change the list of documents in your list.
  5. To view the purchase order, click on the purchase order number under the Reference column.
  6. You can print the purchase order, by clicking on (A) Print
  7. You can export the purchase order to XML, CSV or PDF by clicking on the appropriate (B) Export to File XML, CSV or PDF links.
  8. To respond to the purchase order, press the (C) Turn Around button.

Once you click Turn Around, FormXchange will offer you a list of documents to create, for example purchase order response & advanced ship note. These will be appropriate for the retailer.

Pack by Store

You may be required to pack by store. If so, you will see store quantities under each purchase order line. For example:

Filter options

You can filter your documents, including purchase orders based on

Only show me documents received on or after this date.
Only show me documents received on or before this date
Only show me documents received from this partner.
Only show me the selected document type for example, purchase order, purchase order change.
Only show me documents with the selected status, for example to see documents which have not been read, select New.
Only show me documents with the entered Reference Number. For purchase orders, this will be a purchase order number.
Active documents only
Ticking this will hide closed purchase orders.